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Spring 2015



Your Epsilon Triton website underwent a significant website redesign in the summer of 2014. Allow me a few moments to get you up to speed in what we are trying to achieve.

Ken FisherNew Web Bro

Ken Fisher '79 (picture 1976) has volunteered his services as the ongoing web content manager. Who? Some brothers in the late seventies may have wondered what happened to him. The important part is I am here to serve and get involved with the resurgence of Epsilon Triton.

We Need Involvement

In order for this website to hum, we need brothers to come together with contributions, particularly with the current actives. After all, the continued existence of the charge depends on new recruits. Men looking for fraternity life at ASU and other campuses today turn to the internet. Without an updated site, or a site with little or no content, potential candidates are likely to turn elsewhere.

How Can I Get Involved?

It's simple really. For the actives, the first step could be as easy as setting up a Facebook page. From there I can acquire pictures to be placed on the site. We already have an Alumni Facebook page where several of those images have been incorporated into the site. With today's technology and especially smart phones, Facebook and others, there's no reason why the ET site can't stay current as that information would be collected by me.


I'm always looking for ideas. I can be darned crafty when it comes to website ideas but a collection of ideas could send our site over and above the others on campus.

What Am I Up to Today?

I've had some bouts of depression throughout my life (more than I'd rather count) and today I may be on the right track. I've spent the last 25 years in the hardwood flooring industry and recently changed the focus to offering my own line of USA made hardwood floors. I was lucky enough to align with some very crafty Amish folks and offer a high quality ¾ inch thick engineered hardwood in several lines that includes a soft wire brushed hardwood.

ITB Ken Fisher '79

Contact Information

Login Problems & Database: Jacob Dababneh
Web Content: Ken Fisher kdfisherfla @ gmail.com

Video Ideas :

With today's technology video is becoming easier to work with. This can include me taking footage from YouTube and assembling event videos.

What Does That Mean?

It means all one has to do is upload to YouTube. From there I can download and edit, but I'll need the url of the video. A simple way to do this is post it on Facebook. Wait, you guys don't have a Facebook page do you?

Here's a short example of something I tinkered with. The film clips after the short photo slide show were taken directly from YouTube.

What Kind Of YouTube Video?

I'm not interested in watching hours of party videos, or ones that can make anyone dizzy. Sure a few quality clips are fine, but hopefully you know what I mean. Most folks will get bored to death watching five minutes of the same thing, unless it's about ….

How About The Actives?

It sure would be nice to get some short introductions or other content for the starter I created. Get creative guys. Give me something to work with. I don't plan on producing any videos running over two minutes, so that should give you some parameters. I may not have a great deal of time to work with this because I'm in the process of a year long video project.

Updated: August 26, 2014