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Spring 2015

Annual Convention


Annual Convention

The Theta Delta Chi Convention is the central event of the Fraternity year, from a social as well as a legislative standpoint. Other than the Preamble Institute, it is the only occasion on which representatives of all the Charges are brought together under one roof. The first recorded Theta Delta Chi Convention was in 1848.

Two undergraduate delegates and one graduate delegate from each Charge make up the voting representatives, although their numbers are always augmented by other Theta Delts, in particular the officers and trustees of the Grand Lodge, Founders' Corporation, and Educational Foundation, and their spouses and friends.

Conventions have traditionally moved around the United States and Canada, and frequently take place in the vicinity of a Charge which will serve as host for several events. The Boston CFO plays host at regular intervals, most recently in 2011.

Until the 149th Convention, a new Grand Lodge was elected annually. Now, the two undergraduate officers are still elected each year, while the five graduate members are elected for staggered, two-year terms. The normal program of the Convention attempts to balance business with entertainment; at least two formal sessions are customary, varying educational programming and a cocktail party given by the PGL.

A reception normally opens the Convention, and the Grand Banquet usually closes it. Each year at the latter, the Theta Delta Chi Victory Cup is presented to the top Charge that year and the Theta Delt of the Year is named. Various other prizes are awarded to the Charges ranging from having the greatest number of non-delegate undergraduate miles logged from the home charge site to the Convention to the Presidents' Cup, given to the Charge most prolific in their knowledge of the ritual.

At every Convention an Omega Service is held to pay respect to those brothers who have passed away during the previous year.

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