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Spring 2015

Want To Be A Brother?

Be a Life Long Brother of Theta Delta Chi (ΘΔΧ)

Theta Delta Chi Fraternity is looking for candidate new members comprised of high intellectual, moral, and social Shieldcharacter. Through scholarship, leadership, and a responsible social life, the Brothers of Theta Delta Chi prepare each other to thrive in a changing world. We invite you to check us out and join the RUSH to ΘΔΧ.

Legacy's Welcome

A Legacy is any brother, son, nephew or cousin to any brother of Theta Delta Chi. These men are of the utmost importance in carrying on the traditions of our beloved fraternity as they already have a very intimate connection. These Legacies are not limited to brothers of the Epsilon Triton charge, but from any Charge of Theta Delta Chi. If you know of anyone attending Arizona State who may be a Legacy please contact the Rush Chairman.


Rush ΘΔΧ