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Spring 2015

How Can Alumni Help Today?

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many different ways to get involved with the Epsilon Triton. We will need board and committee members as well as mentors for the undergraduates. The time commitment will vary from as little as an hour a month to as much as an hour or two a week. Your availability can define your involvement. We would also like to pair one or two alumni up with each Officer of the Charge so that they have some alumni to turn to with questions, advice, and guidance.

In addition, another great way to be involved, especially from a distance, is sending messages of encouragement to the undergraduates or exchange email correspondence. One of the most impressive desires that the undergraduates have expressed is the wish to be part of the Epsilon Triton tradition. They want to revitalize the lineages and legacies that made ET one of Theta Delta Chi's strongest Charges during its 30 years at ASU. Being friends and sharing experiences with the new charge members can be one of the best ways to be involved.

Current State of Affairs CFO/Grand Lodge?

The CFO/Grand Lodge are currently as healthy as they have been in many years. We are expanding more as much as we ever have. Visit the CFO/Grand Lodge.

What is a Legacy?

A Legacy is any brother, son, nephew, cousin or any other relation to a brother of Theta Delta Chi. These men are of the utmost importance in carrying on the traditions of our beloved fraternity as they already have a very intimate connection. We are not just looking for legacies of Epsilon Triton, but Legacy from any Charge of Theta Delta Chi. If you know of anyone attending Arizona State or who may be a legacy or another strong candidate for the fraternity, please contact Eric Kelley.

Please submit further questions not answered on the website to your area alumni representative. If you are not a brother of Epsilon Triton please email us using the Contact Us page.

Last Updated July 30, 2012