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Spring 2015

Epsilon Triton Alumni Association (ETAA)

  • Goals
  • Officers & Area Reps

How Can I Get Involved? We Are Over 700 Strong

The Goals Of ETAA Are Four Fold

• To insure the longevity of Epsilon Triton (ET) traditions and friendships by fostering the bonds, connectivity and interaction between Alumni Brothers.
• To provide support, direction and assistance to ET Undergraduates, Actives, Pledges and candidates.
• To provide Good Will opportunities for Alumni to support Epsilon Triton, Theta Delta Chi and each other.
• To represent the voice & speak on behalf of the ET Alumni.

All of the above includes keeping information flowing between Alumni, Actives & the CFO. Specifically, to support expeditious communication and interaction between Alumni, Actives & the CFO. ETAA serves as the point of contact for the CFO and the undergraduates while disseminating information about the Alumni, Fraternity, reunions and gatherings.

ETAA is a Non Profit Corporation Registered in the State of Arizona
. ETAA is comprised of five Officers and Governed by five Board of Directors and By-Laws. Current Officers are:

H. Andrew Rill Epsilon Triton '77 President
Kevin C. Hesseltine Epsilon Triton '81 Herald
Stephen M. Knop Epsilon Triton '81 Treasurer
Thomas R. Czyz Epsilon Triton '92 Recording Secretary
Chris A. Yontez Epsilon Triton '97 Corresponding Secretary

ETAA Representation is comprised of seven regions. The regions are made up of States. An Alumnus district is determined by the State one resides in.

Alumni Map

Zone 1, with 59 alums: Kevin Hesseltine Ετ '81
Zone 2, with 46 alums: Tom Erdmier Ετ '80
Zone 3, with 84 alums: Andy Rill Ετ '77
Zone 4, with 66 alums: NEEDS A VOLUNTEER
Zone 5, with 225 alums: Thomas Czyz Ετ '92
Zone 6, with 37 alums: NEEDS A VOLUNTEER
Zone 7, with 134 alums: Chris Yontez Ετ '87

Unknowns - 34
Total: 693 Alumni
Last Updated August 23, 2012

The Alumni Association has a need & is currently looking for Alumni Area Representatives for all areas. Being a representative requires only a few hours per month. Those interested in being an Alum Representative should contact us.

You! Alumni Help Today!

There are many different ways to get involved with the Epsilon Triton. We will need board and committee members as well as mentors for the undergraduates. The time commitment will vary from as little as an hour a month to as much as an hour or two a month. Your availability can define your involvement. We would also like to pair one or two alumni up with each Officer of the Charge so that they have some alumni to turn to with questions, advice, and guidance.

Committee's and assist areas are; Alumni Advisory, Finance, Housing, Legal, Social Liaison, Housing, Philanthropy, Real Estate, Social Liaison & Tradition.

Another great way to be involved, especially from a distance, is sending messages of encouragement to the undergraduates or exchange email correspondence. One of the most impressive desires that the undergraduates have expressed is the wish to be part of the Epsilon Triton tradition. They want to revitalize the lineages and legacies that made Epsilon Triton one of Theta Delta Chi's strongest Charges during its 30 years at ASU. Being friends and sharing experiences with the new charge members can be one of the best ways to be involved.


A Legacy is any brother, son, nephew, cousin or any other relation to a brother of Theta Delta Chi. These men are of the utmost importance in carrying on the traditions of our beloved fraternity as they already have a very intimate connection. We are not just looking for legacies of Epsilon Triton, but Legacy from any Charge of Theta Delta Chi. If you know of anyone attending Arizona State or who may be a legacy or another strong candidate for the fraternity, please contact us.

You will be directed to the domain https://www.paypal.com/. If you are directed anywhere else please contact the webmaster. 

2. By check, payable to "Epsilon Triton Alumni Association" and mail to:

Epsilon Triton Alumni Association
6021 W. Cortez St.
Glendale, AZ 85304